Keeping records of your records has never been easier.

Forget switching between accounts and rushing to update your stock list every time you sell a record.

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IntroducingRhythmic Equations.

Just one click and the record is on its way to the buyer while your inventory is simultaneously updated on Square and Discogs, ensuring an accurate supply of goods at all times.

Selling vinyl online can be a hassle. We would know, we’re record storeowners. Rhythmic Equations was born out of the need we saw to optimize the process of buying and selling records digitally.

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How it works

Seamless inventory management? Yes!


Create an account with Rhythmic Equations


Sync RE up with your Discogs and/or Square profile


Set up EasyPost for shipping


Integrate Square for point of sale


Let Rhythmic Equations do the heavy lifting


Have a question? We’ve got the answer.

How much does Rhythmic Equations cost?

Rhythmic Equations is currently free to use.

What do I need to start using Rhythmic Equations?

All you need is a Discogs account to start listing inventory. In order to take advantage of our shipping service, you will also need to sign up for an Easypost account.

Do you sell on Square AND Discogs?

Yes, with Rhythmic Equations you can set up your inventory to automatically sync to Square and Discogs by following these instructions.

Do you use Square point-of-sale for in-store checkouts?

Yes. This can also be directly integrated with Rhythmic Equations.

In what countries is Rhythmic Equations available?

Rhythmic Equations can be used in any country, however all currency is shown in USD. The shipping module is currently only set to show shipping options from USPS. We are working on an update to support international couriers. For the moment, the app is only available in English.

What happens when I receive an order?

You will be notified by Discogs that you have received a new order. Now what? Log in to Rhythmic Equations and click on the orders page to send invoices, update order status, and ship the orders for both platforms all from one centralized location.

What is Easypost, and how do I integrate it?

Easypost is a shipping API that allows 3rd party apps (like Rhythmic Equations) to programmatically view and select courier shipping options and print shipping labels. Payment information can be set up directly with Easypost by linking your Rhythmic Equations account to your Easypost shipping account. Once that's setup, shipping orders is seamless!

What if I need to return an order?

Refunds and returns can be handled directly from the platform the sale was made on, but you can also create a return shipment directly from Rhythmic Equations.

How do I add a record to my inventory?

See "SEARCHING AND ADDING ITEMS TO DISCOGS INVENTORY" in the downloadable instructions.

How do I use the search tool?

See "SEARCHING AND ADDING ITEMS TO DISCOGS INVENTORY" in the downloadable instructions.

Will Rhythmic Equations always be free?

For now, Rhythmic Equations is completely free for use. However, in order to make the platform even better, we are going to start a subscription model where you will be charged a monthly fee. Our goal is to continue to help the record store community optimize their processes and reach new markets so that record stores don't have to close their doors. We are record storeowners too, after all.

Old school taste with new school skills

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